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Maybe There’s Another Way?

It’s 6.30pm and I have NONE of today’s work done yet.

Well, I’ve a good bit done, and I guess it counts as work, but not the kind of work I can list out in my bullet journal and tick off. Not the kind of work I can get paid for.

My youngest is starting secondary school in September. End of this month actually, with the way the calendar is falling.

So this morning was errands and chores for the family. First, the doctor for a repeat prescription order for me (see me adulting?!) and a tetanus injection for Jon. He stood on a rusty nail in a world war II bunker on saturday night. Yeah, it was that kind of weekend away.

The young man needed a haircut, we had some food shopping to do, then we got his specialty crested uniform jumper and a good pair of school shoes. He hasn’t had proper shoes since he was about 7… couldn’t get him out of his runners.

Then we had to go into town and grab the necessary grey trousers and white shirt combo, which my sister had convinced him to try on before buying, with a cautionary tale of my nephew’s clown pants debacle after he’d went on his phone in the changing room and just chosen a pair at random when she called him out.

Nobody wants to start a new school in clown pants.

By that point everyone was worn out and hungry, so we had a late lunch/early dinner before getting home around 4pm.

I sat straight down to work, with my To Do list from yesterday sitting undone as I took care of this week’s lesson in my Irish Magic 14 Week Course. I’d actually forgotten that was due today until I sat down and saw my weekly agenda, and realised it was Wednesday and I hadn’t done this week’s lesson yet (usually I set them up on Mondays, but I took Monday off!)

That’s just gone out now though, so all is well with that deadline… but I have nothing else done. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed looking at the list, so I took the path of least resistance.

Hence, writing this post.

Ye are helping my head too, you know?

In this situation, my usual response is to put the head down and work til midnight, trying to get it all done.

But maybe I don’t do a very good job on things that way? Maybe I end up with half arsed work today and even more half arsed work tomorrow. Maybe there’s another way?

So, I just took some time and chatted it over with Jon too. I’ve a couple of emails to send so I can schedule some client and student time that’s due, and I’m going to close the bullet journal and shut down the computer after that. I can figure the rest out with a good early start tomorrow, fully back on schedule.

I’m finding another way to do things. I am giving myself permission to rest and recharge. My work will be better because of it.

This is new. I’ll let you know how it goes ok?


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