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How Do You Feel About Money?

Today I’m thinking about the limiting beliefs I have around money.

When I moved from Roscommon to Waterford 2 years ago, due to a family crisis, I had NOTHING.

And I mean literally nothing, money-wise. I had been freelancing as a business journalist and copywriter, but due to said crisis, I wasn’t able to work much, then at all, for a couple of months. I burned through all of my savings, and had nothing in the pipeline.

Which is a huge problem in that line of work, as you usually only get paid on publication a couple of weeks, or even months later. Or a client will hand over most of the money owed in a final payment, at the end of a project.

Myself and my son moved in with my mother because I couldn’t make my next rent payment where I was living, and I arrived with €140 in the bank from a childrens allowance monthly payment, an ok but oldish car – and the entire contents of my house (furniture, appliances, etc) just left behind me.

Everything we owned now fit into 2 rooms, with space to spare.

So, that was a fun time.

First Steps Toward Abundance

I could have taken a social welfare payment, or gone on the dole, as we call it. Like, I was entitled, and the money was right there – after jumping a few hoops to access it.

But… I had a weird thing in my head and my heart about starting over. And starting as I meant to go on.

Yes, we were flat broke. But we weren’t POOR.

I had family support (thank you Mammy, and Sister, and Cousin!). I had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies (thank you Mammy!).

Doing a stocktake, I figured I also had my old laptop, a phone, a car, and an internet connection. Those were the tangible assets to build a business with.

The intangible things, the things that I couldn’t have bought, and that nobody could ever take from me, was what I could do with my brain. I had a rather unique set of skills and experience, at that point, given my work and personal history.

And I also had (and still have) belief.

I believe that ‘what you feed will grow’. I believe that energy follows intent. I believe that working from a place of poverty, a place of lack, a place of needing or expecting charity, would have stuck me there, afraid to move forward.

Making Money with my Brain

So, I told my son. I’m sorry, we don’t have money right now for things we want, or even need. But I can make money with my BRAIN. Money is out there, waiting for me to give it a way to flow towards us.

The seeds of my business plan were based around that – channels and flow.

To begin, I decided I’d create channels of value and service that make a positive difference to people’s lives and personal development, spiritual health and growth, and authentic connection to Ireland.

[This is where I began, by the way]

That would be my outflow – valuable content that was scalable to a big audience and community, ie not just one-on-one that would suck up my time and energy, which are finite resources, as the service grows.

And that outflow would create and carve channels by which money (and other good things) would flow back the way, right to my dorrstep – and bank account.

Setting that up took some time and patience, and I’m still working on it, but I believe I am fulfilling step one – give value and service, and that step two is more or less taking care of itself after that, and will continue to do so as my community grows.

Current Limiting Beliefs About Money

What now though?

I feel like starting this path, over 2 years ago now, sort of cleared the top level of limiting beliefs about money – the fear of poverty and lack mentality, and some of the imposter sysndrome. I still work on them at times, but generally that’s going ok.

There’s other stuff that runs deeper still though, I think. How many of these have you said or thought recently?

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • It’s only Money, it’s not important.
  • Money is there to spend.
  • The rich get rich and the poor get poorer.
  • I’m not good with Money.
  • My family have never been rich.
  • Money is a limited resource.
  • You have to work too hard to get wealthy.
  • Either be rich or be happy/healthy/loved.
  • It’s selfish to want a lot of Money.

Ok, so I’m going to hold my hand up and say I’ve though many of these exact things in the last few months. Maybe even this month?!

Check out this article for more info –

The 10 Most Limiting Beliefs About Money (& How to Remove Them)

It’s something I definitely need to work on.

How about you?

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