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Day 021 - In Darkness, with a lighted candle

In Darkness – with a Guided Meditation

Yesterday started off bad. I woke up in darkness, at 5am, from anxiety dreams. Then my Brain insisted on replaying every single sexual assault I’ve ever experienced, in High Definition visuals and sound.

So that’s not fun.

How do I cope with that? Well, it feels very dark to me, when it happens. I used to (years ago) try to run away from that. Find the light. Try and make it so the darkness doesn’t exist and I don’t have to live there.

But you know what?

These things are dark. There are dark things in my past. Also, dark things in my present, and most likely my future. Because we don’t live just in the light. We need the darkness too. In part, we are the darkness.

So, I went into the darkness, and learned to be comfortable there. Yes, I’m talking metaphorically, to an extent, but also quite literally. In that I cope with these things through Meditation.

Ye know that’s not just some woo weirdness that hippies and mystics are into, right? It’s a really valuable, effective, and vital part of any mental health management programme. Ask any modern psychologist or therapist. They’ll tell ya.

Yesterday morning, from 5.30am to 6.30am or so, I meditated. By that time, I was calm and relaxed and I was able to drop back off into a doze until the alarm went off as usual at 8am.

At that point, I will admit, I made sure Jon was awake so I could have a wee cuddle and feel safe in that. And that’s ok too.

Today, I was working on stuff for my other side project,, and I recorded a meditation featuring darkness, which feels appropriate to share. It is the basis of the ‘learning to be ok in darkness’ element of my Journeying practice, and my own technique of guided meditation journeying has developed from it.

You can listen to the Darkness Meditation Here…


Be well, and I hope you have balance today.

L x

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Mary Alagna

Thank you… I used to do more of this – not exactly regular meditation, but a similar, ritual based approach that arose from my spirituality – but around 11 years ago, I began to form habit patterns of running from pain until it was unavoidable. When I was younger, switching out of habitual patterns was easier…but, age and repetition of avoidance have built walls around my inner resources; the wells that fed my willingness to be willing to sit with my pain instead of distract myself… self distraction has become habitual, and social media has contributed to this.
I should probably blog this stuff…
Anyway, thank you for being so willing to speak about such difficult experiences, and for then creating and sharing the meditation. I will use it soon.


    You’re very welcome Mary x


I would love to try some meditations. My problem with that is that I am deaf and cannot use an audio track or a video. Any suggestions?


    You could read the meditation transcript and get familiar enough to guide yourself through it?
    Or, the videos I provide have the screen showing the transcript, so tight focusing on that and reading through, following the pacing as the slides change, might be of use?

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