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Journalling For Anxiety

Journalling for Anxiety

In case you haven’t notice – I journal.

Journalling for anxiety is one of the reasons I started, and definitely the main reason I keep at it.

For everything from organisation and brain dumping to creative outlet and gratitude log, my Bullet Journal has – quite literally – saved my life.

When you’re living with mental illness, or journalling for anxiety specifically, this practice can help control your symptoms and improve your mood by:

  • Helping you prioritise your day-to-day problems, fears, and concerns.
  • Tracking any symptoms over the longer term, so that you can recognise your personal triggers, and learn ways to better control them.
  • Providing an opportunity for positive self-talk, and identifying negative thoughts and behaviours.

Where to start though?

I dunno about you, but sitting and staring at a blank screen or a sheet of paper is often quite anxiety inducing, rather than soothing.

The Right Tools

First off, make sure your Journal system is something you’re comfortable with.

I like the Bullet Journal because it helps me keep everything together in one place, so I can spot patterns in context of the rest of my life.

Learn More about the Bullet Journal Here.

Secondly, an excellent support when you’re journalling for anxiety is ‘The Anxiety Journal Prompts Generator’.

It’s a serious little tool for generating journalling prompts for helping you deal with your anxiety.

It’s not a therapy or a treatment, and beyond potentially helping you to journal more resourcefully, they don’t make any big claims that it will definitely help you.


What the app does do is translate certain Mindfulness/Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) coping strategies into positive, loving, and forgiving writing exercises for anxiety.

The idea isn’t to change the way you journal, but to use the Anxiety Journal Prompts Generator for positive guided journal prompts when you think they might be helpful.

For example:

Do the words “I’m unlovable” mean anything to you? Begin by writing a message of compassion to yourself, valuing your inherent worth as a human being.

What does the part of you that wants you to Have Patience With Yourself, want you to say right now?

In what ways have you felt Angry with yourself recently? Write a message to yourself from a place of forgiveness, that helps you to let go of blame.

You can just keep clicking the ‘Get Prompts’ button and see what shows up.

Go to the Anxiety Journal Prompts Generator.

Comment below and let us know how you use a Journal to cope with Anxiety? Or any other reasons you have for Journalling!

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