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Join the Meditation Daily Challenge in our Do The Work System Facebook Group!

Meditation Daily Challenge in Our Facebook Group

OK, so it’s not an official ‘Meditation Daily Challenge’… but over in the Facebook Group I’ve started posting about keeping up with my daily meditation practice.

Forming and keeping a habit can be hard, especially when there’s mental health issues in the mix. So, I thought we’d get some accountability and support going in the group.

My first post about it went something like this…

So, September was shit. I stopped my daily meditation and have slid into October in a mental health nosedive. These things are not unrelated. I’d love an accountability buddy (or a few) to get back on track with. I’ll post my morning profile screenshot and you can join in the comments with how you’re getting on in your practice. I use the Calm app and they gave me 5 guest passes for 30 day free trial (not an affiliate, I just like the app!) If you want to use that til they’re gone 😊 but feel free to meditate however is best for you! Let’s just do it every day?

And I’ve been posting each morning (usually!) since then.

Accountability in a Meditation Daily Challenge

Accountability is really important when taking on any daily challenge… but why does it have the power to move the needle from failure to success?

  • We perform better under observation.
  • We get honest feedback from others.
  • It forces us to follow through on commitments.
  • It creates firm deadlines for important tasks and habits.
  • It keeps us grounded in reality.
  • We can learn from each others’ successes (and mistakes!).
  • It prevents little problems from turning into big ones.

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So far, it’s been really helping me stay on track again, and Regular Routine is so essential to my well being!

Now granted, it’s only been a few days, really, in the grand scheme of things…

Meditation Daily Challenge Progress - 8 days

But there’s a couple of awesome folk who are stepping up to the Meditation Daily Challenge with me, and it’s great to check in each day and get that feedback on everyone’s progress.

Want to Join Us? – Click Here for the Facebook Group!

And if you’re seeing this after October… please feel free to join the group anyway, and throw up a post asking for an accountability buddy for this habit (or any others you want to get locked in).

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