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Summer Morning Routine

How To Create Your Summer Morning Routine

You might think of a summer morning routine as having a more relaxed, low energy kinda vibe; and they can be, for sure. But we need some structure too!

When you’ve got kids (or at least when everyone around you seems to be moving in the same school season rhythm), it’s all well and good to be disciplined and structured in the mornings.

I mean, you might not be… but you can probably see a more pressing need at least for a bit of order and routine when it’s below freezing outside and the very last thing you want to do is set foot on that cold floor and start your day.

For some of us, getting the kids to school on time is a rather pressing need on those wintry mornings, and it keeps us on track. But then the summery mornings hit… and that impetus disappears like snow under sunshine.

I found myself in this position at the end of May, after a month long illness when my usual routines were all askew anyway, and to be honest, I floundered.

Knowing it was coming, I tried to mentally prep myself for it. Nearing the end of my last Bullet Journal and setting up a new one for June, I started with a brain dump of all the things I’d IDEALLY like to have going on in a Summer morning routine.

This is what I came up with (the parts in pink pen came first)…

Morning Routine Brain Dump in the Bullet Journal

From there, I moved over to the blue pen, and began numbering out the order I wanted to do them in, and blocks for where the things might be happening, eg. Block A is while I’m still in bed, before I get up.

It got quite messy, but that is really OK.

A Bullet Journal is supposed to be functional first, and it can be pretty or creative or arty or neat after that, if you want it to be. It’s really, truly alright to mess it the feck up any time you want or need to.

That being said, my next phase was to sort out the Summer morning routine page so that it was usable and didn’t make me itch trying to read and make use of it.

Summer Morning Routine Sample

As you can see by my “Use the Loo” entry, I got very specific and step by step – including everything I could think of and trying to move from one space to the next in a natural flow of what made sense for each item and area.


We’re in week 2 of June as I write this, and I can honestly say I have yet to complete an ideal summer morning routine, as per this plan.

I’ve hit some of it some mornings, and most of it on some other mornings. And I’m ok with that.

This Summer Morning Routine, Schedule, Plan or whatever you want to call it is really just a guide.

My main problem is that I faff about, not really knowing or remembering what I should be doing or what I want to be doing (thanks, Trauma Brain!), and end up reverting to procrastinating on the phone.

Sometimes that’s on social media, but most often it’s work stuff that I just fall into before I even get out of bed, and that is just no good for me (or really, for anyone else I’m trying to serve or support – it’s not my best work!).

With this plan, I have something easy to refer to, as my Bullet Journal is always to hand… because part of my night time routine is to bring the BuJo and some water up to bed with me!

If you need a hand setting one up for yourself – you can check out this class – Bullet Journal for Beginners.

Hope that’s been helpful!

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